8 Kinds Of Intelligence That Mums And Dads Need To Be Aware Of!

8 Kinds Of Intelligence That Mums And Dads Need To Be Aware Of!

Mums and dads, did you know that there are 8 kinds of intelligence that your child can excel at? Read on to find out more about these 8 intelligences!

Aside from making sure that your child grows up healthy and strong, it's just as important to focus on their abilities and skills. But how exactly can parents do that? One way is by nurturing their intelligence. But wait. Did you know that there are 8 kinds of intelligence, mums and dads? 

What Are the 8 Kinds of Intelligence? 

Each and every person has different abilities and skills. Some people might be good at math, while others are good at writing, or sports.

The same holds true for young kids, who can show various kinds of intelligence, even at a young age.

But what exactly are these 8 kinds of intelligence? And how can you find out which ones your child is good at?

1. Being Good with Words

8 kinds of intelligence

Babies who tend to speak early or babble a lot have linguistic and verbal intelligence. This type of intelligence focuses on speech, communication, and reading.

If your child loves to talk a lot, likes to read, or is always trying out new and different words, then they might excel at linguistic and verbal intelligence.

2. Good with Images/Pictures

8 kinds of intelligence

Spatial intelligence is the ability to have a better understanding of images and pictures. Kids who excel in this type of intelligence tend to gravitate towards drawing, and have a keen memory of various locations.

They usually know if they've visited a place before, and they can easily memorise venues. They also love looking at photos and picture books.

3. Being Good at Music or Rhythm

8 kinds of intelligence

Does your child love singing or listening to music? Then chances are they might have what's called musical intelligence.

Children who excel in musical intelligence are good with music and they often attempt to bang pots and pans or their toys together in order to create sounds.

They also love listening to music and are always excited during sing-alongs.

4. Being Self-Smart or Introspective

8 kinds of intelligence

Some kids are really great at figuring out their feelings and being able to know if they're sad, frustrated, angry, etc.

This type of intelligence is called intrapersonal intelligence. It's also helpful for mums and dads since it won't be difficult to figure out what their child is currently feeling.

5. Good with Logic or Math Problems

8 kinds of intelligence

Some kids just have a knack for numbers and/or logical thinking. These kids grow up to be very good at math and could become engineers, scientists, or mathematicians.

This type of intelligence is called logical intelligence and it also aids your child's ability to think critically, as well as problem-solving in general.

6. Being Good at Sports and Athletics

8 kinds of intelligence

Does your little one love running and jumping around? Do they have a habit of being physically active? Do you find it hard to keep up with their boundless energy?

If the answer is yes, then chances are your little one has body and movement intelligence.

Kids with this type of intelligence tend to be more athletic than other kids. While they might not be as prolific at mental pursuits as other kids, they make up for it with their strength, balance, and athleticism. 

7. Good at Communicating with People

8 kinds of intelligence

Some kids are just born with a glib tongue. These kids are great at conversing with people, and can quickly make friends even with people they've just met!

This is called interpersonal intelligence and it could mean that your child will grow up to be charming, a good speaker, and very friendly and outgoing.

8. Having 'Naturalist Intelligence'

8 kinds of intelligence

Does your little one love looking at bugs and insects? Are they interested in animals? Do they display an appreciation for nature?

Then they most probably have naturalist intelligence.  Having naturalist intelligence means that they absolutely love the outdoors and are always excited to go on various adventures outside.

So, what kind of intelligence does your little one have, mums and dads? 

Source: Gardner, H. Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences1983. 

Photo from: Pixabay, Maxpixel

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