Indian woman goes into premature labour and delivers her baby mid-air!

Indian woman goes into premature labour and delivers her baby mid-air!

The lucky baby has even bagged a special gift from Jet Airways!

When a heavily pregnant Jose boarded her flight from Damman to Kochi, little did she know that she would have to face a woman's biggest fear!

During her Jet Airway flight, Jose started to experience premature labour pains. And within a few minutes she delivered a healthy baby, in the presence of 162 passengers.

Yes, believe it or not that actually happened.

Lucky for Jose, the competent crew onboard flight 9W 569 as well as a trained paramedic reportedly provided immediate medical assistance to her and helped her deliver the baby.

Baby born mid-air!

The flight enroute Kochi made an emergency landing at Mumbai so Jose could immediately be admitted to a hospital.

baby born

"The guest delivered a baby at 35,000 feet. On landing, both mother and baby were rushed to Holy Spirit Hospital in Mumbai and are doing well. Jet Airways has informed the family of the guest who are en route from Kochi. The airline expresses its gratitude to Ms Wilson, the on-board paramedic for her guidance,” said a Jet Airways statement.

Special gift for the newborn

While the flight was delayed for 90 minutes because of the emergency landing at Mumbai, the baby did receive a special gift. Jet Airways reportedly gifted the newborn a lifetime pass since he was the first baby to be born in flight.

"Being the first baby to be born in-flight for the airline, Jet Airways is pleased to offer the newly-born a free lifetime pass for all his travel on Jet Airways,” their statement read.

Interestingly, Jet Airways has an Expectant Mother policy where they specifically list how a pregnant woman can travel and the documents she requires if she more than 32 weeks pregnant.

And if you are also planning to fly during your pregnancy (Esha Deol flew in her second trimester as well), then here's what you need to know.

baby born

5 things to note before flying during pregnancy

  • Check with your OB-GYN for clearance to fly, especially if you have crossed 27 or 28 weeks of pregnancy. That's because after the 28th week, the chances of labour increase and most airlines demand a 'fit to fly' letter from the doctor.
  • If you are booking via a travel agent, make sure to inform him of your pregnancy and current medical state. This will help him get an approval from the airlines who may otherwise refuse to carry you on board.
  • If you are booking domestic tickets online, check the airline policy. Most airline policies require a clearance letter from the doctor. They may also have limitations on what you can carry with you on the plane and special assistance or care.
  • If you are booking international tickets online, make sure to furnish the doctor's letter. Also, if you have a transit flight to your final destination, make sure to inform the travel agent. This way the transit airline is aware of your situation and can provide assistance if needed.
  • If you are travelling with family on a package tour, inform your agent, airline and even your tour operator about the same.

This article is republished with permission from theIndusparent

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