Use Cow Dung, Milk And Urine To Get A Glow Like Never Before. Here's Why.

Use Cow Dung, Milk And Urine To Get A Glow Like Never Before. Here's Why.

The Gujarat government's Gauseva and Gauchar Vikas Board has a magical solution for all your beauty problems.

If you're looking for a one stop solution for all your beauty woes, especially if you have dull, acne-prone skin, then the Gujarat government's Gauseva and Gauchar Vikas Board has a solution for you. They even claim that these natural ingredients can make your skin as milky and glowy as that of popular Egyptian Queen, Cleopatra.As per an advisory issued by the board, these natural ingredients were also used by popular Egyptian Queen, Cleopatra. So what are these ingredients? Cow dung, urine and milk!!!

Panchgavya: the solution to all your beauty woes

One of the remedies, as suggested in the advisory by the board, is the panchgavya, which is a mixture of cow urine, dung, milk, curd and clarified butter or ghee.

"Modern products such as soap, cream and power are all made of chemicals which ultimately take away the natural charm from the skin. There is no other remedy in the world as good as panchgavya. Application of cow milk, urine, and dung on the body and the face would give a natural glow," reads a chapter from the advisory. The Panchgavya can also clear your skin of acne and blemishes, it adds.

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Not only cow dung, there are beauty benefits of cow urine and milk too

Even cow urine has magical properties and can help alleviate dark circles, black spots, and acne.

"Gaumutra would remove dark circles, black spots, and pimples. Use of panchgavya will give you long lasting beauty. Egyptian queen Cleopatra was the most beautiful woman in the world. She used to bathe in milk. Some records suggest Cleopatra used to bathe in milk. We want women to understand the benefits of using cow milk, urine, and dung to beautify themselves instead of damaging their skin by using chemicals," it said.

The board also claims that cow urine or gaumutra has many health benefits as well and can even help treat life-threatening diseases such as cancer, asthma, paralysis, AIDS and heart issues.

"Gaumutra is a holistic medicine which can cure around 108 different diseases. We are sure cow-therapy would become the most popular way of treatment in the 21st century. Even the western scientists admit that the cow is a perfect science and a total laboratory," says another chapter in the book Arogya Geeta.

Home remedies for smooth, acne-free skin

Indians quite rely on natural remedies for treating a variety of their beauty problems such as:

1. Besan and milk paste: A mixture of besan and milk is said to give you clear and smooth skin in a matter of days.

2. Masoor dal paste: Masoor dal paste is said to be a perfect scrub to remove dead skin and also rid your skin of acne and blemishes.

3. Chandan ka lape: Chandan is another popular beauty ingredient and chandan ka lape is used across India for smooth, glowing skin.

4. Multani mitti pack: Multani mitti face pack is excellent to clear your skin of acne and blemishes and is the perfect beauty solution for an acne-prone skin.

Advisory: theindusparent requests its users to consult a doctor/dermatologist before using anything for the first time. While home remedies are fairly common in India, some people have more sensitive skin than others and it might trigger side effects or possible breakouts. It is also advised to do some personal research on the remedy before using it, as each skin-type is unique.

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