Reckless Indian doctors let newborn baby die as they're busy fighting inside the OT!

Reckless Indian doctors let newborn baby die as they're busy fighting inside the OT!

Indian doctors let newborn baby die - this is just so shocking!

In an extremely shocking piece of news, two experienced Indian doctors let a newborn baby die as they were busy fighting and arguing over a petty matter right inside the Operation Theatre (OT).

Indian doctors let newborn die as they're too busy arguing 

What's more shocking is that the mother is seen lying unconscious in pain on the operating table as the two doctors continuously argue. without keeping the patient's needs above anything else. The heartbeat of the newborn is also heard dipping in the video but what's startling is that does not seem to bother any of the doctors.

Also, as the two are busy fighting and shouting "You will pay for this" and "I will see you outside", suddenly a phone starts ringing in the operation theatre. We just wonder what kind of a hospital this was because as far as we know, phones are not allowed inside an OT.

The matter came to light after a video, that was perhaps taken by a staff member of the hospital, went viral and was circulated in the media.

Reports say that the unfortunate incident took place in the Umaid hospital of Jodhpur and the fight went on for over thirty minutes as a pregnant woman lies on the bed. Rajasthan health minister, Kali Chand Saraf, meanwhile has ordered a thorough inquiry of the incident and set up an inquiry committee to take stock of the matter.

Dr Ashok Naniwal, one of the doctors who is seen arguing in the video, told Network 18: "The video shows the patient of another doctor, while my patient and her baby was in good health. The other doctors who were abusing me and laughing at my expense were not attending to their patient well, who died at the end."

Caring for a newborn immediately after birth

The incident is indeed shocking and one that would make you hang your head in shame. A newborn baby is extremely fragile after birth and there are quite a few things that have to be taken care of once he's outside his mother's womb.

1. The umbilical cord has to be successfully clamped and cut so that the baby's dependence on the mother's placenta for oxygen and nutrition is stopped and the baby starts breathing through the lungs.

2. As the newborn is completely wet from all the amniotic fluid, measures should be taken to keep him warm and dry.

3. Early skin to skin contact must be provided immediately to the baby to make sure he's warm and also starts breastfeeding successfully.

4. There are a couple of health assessments that are also a must after birth:

  • Activity
  • Pulse rate
  • Grimace; reflex irritability
  • Appearance; skin color
  • Respiration

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