Fit and Fab: This mum of TWINS lost 25 kilos in 9 months!!!

Fit and Fab: This mum of TWINS lost 25 kilos in 9 months!!!

Doctor by profession and mommy blogger by passion, Dr Mansi Bajaj Malik shares her incredible weight loss story with our readers and how she lost 25 kilos by some easy changes in her diet.

This is the weight loss story of mum of twins and mummy blogger Dr Mansi Bajaj Malik. This mum of twins shares some very sensible advice and tips on how she achieved her weight loss. 


Having gained 27 kgs due to a complicated twin pregnancy, I always thought that the weight loss miracles of celebrity moms from Bollywood were not possible for us lesser mortals.

On the day of my delivery just before I gave birth, I weighed exactly 90 kgs. 

Being postpartum and bringing up twins did not leave me much time for myself, however, the weight itself was becoming a hindrance for me to care for my infants.

Breastfeeding was extremely difficult…

Fit and Fab: This mum of TWINS lost 25 kilos in 9 months!!!

How did this beautiful mum of twins lose her baby weight?

Breastfeeding was extremely difficult with the excess pounds and uncomfortable, to say the least. Finally, I decided to take things in my control and resolved to lose all the excess weight. I did succeed and now I have lost almost all of my pregnancy weight.

I weigh 65 kgs at present and this mammoth task was achieved in 9 months. I have lost a total of 55 pounds / 25 kgs and have reduced from a size XXXL to size Medium.

The first year with twins is a lot of work and workout was never possible. I am also a working professional, hence I wasn’t going to spend the only time I had for my twins in going to the gym. 

So, I consulted a dietician and started with my journey of clean eating. 

Here I will be sharing my inferences and advice about how the diet helped me and what changes you can bring on your end to start eating healthy and lose weight. 

1.Homemade Food: There is no second thought, that meals cooked in professional kitchens are loaded with fats to add to the impeccable taste. Hence clean eating begins with home cooked meals.

Always prefer to make a version of your favourite meal than ordering from outside. You will be surprised how easy it is to prepare some really yummy food without the excess oil. I regularly share low-calorie recipes on my personal blog FridayNightColumn.Com.

2.Stop stocking Junk food/ Soft Drinks: To avoid binge eating junk food when hungry, choose not to stock them in your pantry. This is the best way to avoid the guilt trip later. Same goes for sugary drinks and colas (even diet colas).

3.Portion Control and no second servings: Put one large serving of the dish on your plate and avoid second servings.

Fit and Fab: This mum of TWINS lost 25 kilos in 9 months!!!

This mum of twins looks amazing!

Fix a bowl, and always use a similar serving size. Do not eat less. Eat in moderation to avoid hunger pangs later. Controlled portion sizes will help you have even your favourite foods often without gaining weight. 

4.High Protein Days: Allot 2/3 days in a week to high protein meals. For example, Wednesday and Sunday. Consider them your feast days. Make high protein dishes through the day including breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Options for high protein dishes are dhal/ paneer /soya bean/chicken/eggs/fish. 

5. Pair protein with protein: When pairing a protein rich dish, choose a protein rich bread like flatbreads or roti made with gram flour.

6. Choose Vegetables wisely: On Mon-Tue-Thurs-Fri-Saturday (Non-high Protein days), have plenty of vegetables with rice or a low GI starch of choice. 

Preferred vegetables are cauliflower, cabbage, carrot, capsicum, French beans, pumpkin, broccoli, mushroom. Avoid potatoes and other very starchy vegetables.  

7.Breakfast >> Lunch> Dinner: As it is well known, breakfast should be the heaviest, followed by a moderately portioned lunch and a humble dinner.

Avoid eating protein-rich food in dinner on non-high protein days. Example: avoid dhal in dinner except on Wednesday and Sunday (High Protein days). Never skip a meal.

8. Rice once a week only in lunch without a side dish: Restrict rice to once a week, and prefer it in lunch only. 

9. Add dairy in lunch on non-high protein days: Pair lunch with curd or yoghurt afterwards on days you won’t be having high protein diet . 

10. Breakfast Options: Upma/ Idli/Oatmeal/eggs/ kola kenda are good breakfast options in moderate portions . 

11. Grilled is best: The yummiest way to cook a protein without it being unhealthy is to grill it. For recipes go to my blog.

12. Gravy is your hidden enemy: If enjoying something rich, restrict gravy. Usually it is loaded with excess oil and will only hamper your health plan without filling your stomach.

13. Pickles/salt: Excess of both can lead to water retention. So while you should entirely avoid pickles and chutneys, salt is alright in moderation. 

14. Desserts once a month: Desserts are the main culprits which can setback your diet by days to weeks. Always have a small amount, not more than once a month. 

15. Cheat meals: Go for grilled starters only. Avoid breads/rice. If you want to enjoy restaurant food without hampering your diet much, stick to starters which are grilled.

Avoid main course curries, breads, and rice. 

16. Add flavour with Chili , lemon and vinegar: Health food doesn’t have to be bland. Add Chili , lemon and vinegar to spice up your food. 

17. Hydrate: Drink 2-3 litres of water (plain ) daily to help your body burn the fat which will ultimately lead to weightloss.

18. Beware of Biscuits/Dips: Avoid the temptations of biscuits and dips while snacking with tea. To the max , eat 1-2 digestive biscuit once a day.  Use sugar in tea if you like but only 1 tbsp a day. 

19. Walk if you can: If you have a sedentary lifestyle, add 30 minutes of brief walking to your routine. I am in any case always on my toes due to my twins so I skipped this too. 

Also , I never had green tea /apple cider vinegar/ green coffee in this duration. I have cheated a few times but usually stuck to these rules.

Besides this, I took lemon-black pepper-water, 5 soaked almonds and a spoon of soaked Methi Dana as soon as I woke up.

I hope this helps you in starting on your health trip to a fitter body. 

Dr Mansi Bajaj Malik is the founder of Friday Night Column, is a doctor by profession and a mommyblogger by passion. You can read more about her journey and weight loss recipes on her blog

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