An open letter to all new mums stressing over their weight: enough is enough!

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Five years ago I was like you. I would starve myself, deprive myself, punish myself to such an extent that I would often be depressed and dejected.

Hey you,

Yes you, helplessly staring at your new, changed post-pregnancy body. You, who’s having sleepless nights, not because your baby is keeping you awake, but because you can’t come to terms with that extra tire around your belly.

You, who’s hiding from people at malls, shopping centers, and the neighbourhood so that they don’t get to say anything about how much weight you have put on after delivery.

You, who’s starving yourself to death, just to fit in the pair of jeans you wore before you got pregnant. You, who chooses to wear shapeless, old clothes so that people don’t notice your shapeless boobs, thanks to breastfeeding and pumping.

Enough is enough!

I am talking to you and all those new mothers out there who’re dying in shame just because all the extra weight they’ve put on after pregnancy is refusing to go away.

Some of you have spent days, months, even years in fighting the bulge, but you haven’t been able to achieve what you’ve been dreaming of all this while, despite all the cheat diets that left you famished, the long walks that gave you sprained legs and the workout sessions that sapped you of all your energy.

To all you new mums out there I have only one thing to say—enough is enough! Stop punishing yourself. Stop hating your new body that gave you the sweetest thing in this world.

Stop feeling guilty of eating two pieces of cake at the birthday party last night. Stop depriving yourself of all the good food, good mood, and happiness. For God's sake, just stop and think what you’re doing!

Five years ago, I was like you...

Five years ago I was like you. I would starve myself, deprive myself, punish myself to such an extent that I would often be depressed and dejected. And then I would get angry at a whisper of my baby, frustrated that all my efforts are not helping me, helpless that I couldn’t do anything to get back to my post-pregnancy body. I would snap at my husband at the slightest complaint and just spoil all our evenings and nights just doing that, day after day.

But then I realized that this obsession over my weight was driving me nuts, taking away my peace of mind and making me someone I did not want to be. And so, I stopped fretting over it and decided to embrace my body for the way it is. And believe me, I bloomed.

My mood swings were gone, my emotional eating days were over and as I started to sleep and eat well, something unbelievable happened. I started nearing my post pregnancy weight! I was happier and calmer and it was showing on my face, my body and the smile of my baby girl. I bloomed like never before and today when I look back I realize how stupid I had been.

Motherhood is a once in a lifetime (twice, thrice or more for some) experience and instead of enjoying it to the fullest we waste our efforts and energies on things that would not matter in the long run. So, be proud of being a mother and enjoy this time to the fullest.

Stop picking up colours that make you look slim (read black). Instead, make your life colourful with all the joys of motherhood.

And don't stress over losing weight, but aim to be fitter and healthier. So what if you're a size 10 or 12! You'd have a healthy heart and body and an even healthier mind. Believe me, that's what we should aim for and even teach our kids. To love our bodies and be proud of how you look.

So next time when you dress up and ask your husband "Do I look thin?", instead, ask him "I look amazing, right?"

Yours truly,

A healthier, happier mum of a five-year-old girl

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This article was originally published on theIndusParent. Republished with permission.