Real mum speaks: How I lost 30 kilos in 32 weeks!

Real mum speaks: How I lost 30 kilos in 32 weeks!

Priyanka Vishal Dangde gained a whopping 30 kilos during her pregnancy and it was a challenge for her to lose all that weight. Read her exceptional weight loss story!

Weight loss for mums story: Like any other new mother, Priyanka Vishal Dangde gained a whopping 30 kilos during her pregnancy and it was a challenge for her to lose all that weight once her baby was born.

However, Priyanka was determined to lose all the weight as quickly as she can and once her baby girl Aadya (born on June 2015) was six-months-old, she decided to take matters into her own hands and started her weight loss journey when she was 87 kgs. Today, she weighs 57 kilos and is in the best of shape.


A marketing professor by profession, Priyanka currently teaches in an MBA and Engineering College and is also pursuing her Ph.D.

She shared her weight loss for mums story with theindusparent and shared how she achieved the impossible!

1. How did you lose 30 kilos? What was your plan?

I have lost 30 kgs over 32 weeks of time. I am a very target oriented woman, thus I had set weekly targets which made it easier for me to achieve the ultimate goal.

2. How many times a week did you exercise and what kind of exercise did you perform?

I exercised four days a week. I started with 30 mins of walking, later on, I added 5 Suryanamaskars which later on I increasedup too 50 suryanamaskars per session.

The exercises were planned according to my weekly calorie burning ratio. These exercises strengthened my core in such a way that I could run and complete 5km marathon (Pinkathon).

3. What was your diet during this period?

Real mum speaks: How I lost 30 kilos in 32 weeks!My diet included 40 % complex carbohydrates, 30 % proteins and 30 % essential fats. Water plays an important role in weight loss, thus I made sure that I had in adequate amount.

It's important to reduce gluten intake, so I ate a lot of "Ragi Bhakris" with a good amount of vegetables. Avoid sweets and sugary drinks. "Chew your food" is the mantra to weight loss.

4. What did you do on days when you were demotivated?

I had challenged myself, thus I kept telling myself one thing all the time "I will stretch myself beyond my limits but I will never surrender".

5. Did you have any binge days?

Yes, there were binge days and there has to be a binge day. Otherwise, the weight loss journey becomes monotonous. But, due to the calorie management technique that I adopted, it hardly made any difference.

6. So what is the plan ahead? How do you intend to maintain your current weight?
It's just not about losing weight. It's about losing the unwanted fats and gaining good muscle strength. I have made a lifestyle modification, which will always help me to maintain my weight.

7. Any tips to mothers struggling to get back to their pre-pregnancy weight.

"I CAN > CAN I" is the most important thing every mother should keep in mind. Push harder and you will see the results.

Advisory: theindusparent does not support any kind of drastic weight loss regime or diet. The tips mentioned here worked for Priyanka and it is possible that they do not work for you as everyone has a different body type. It is advisable to consult a general physician and a trained professional before starting a new diet or exercise routine.

This article is republished with permission from theindusparent

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